Rein Spreaders These rein spreaders really made a harness look sharp. There are 14 rings on each and the original harness snaps are still in place.  The leather is flexible and still usable. This is a matching pair and all original!

Price: $275

Rein Separaters.jpg (68502 bytes)
Buffalo Hunter Leathers Purchased at auction several years ago from the Tombstone AZ Western Museum. A very, very rare item. Made of rough leather and the top (bib) is of rawhide. The small pouch on the front (hard to see in picture) holds five rounds of .50 cal ammunition.


Price: $485

Buffalo Hunter Leathers
Silver Buckle


This buckle was presented to Thomas Hamey who was the captain of the Los Bostardos Ranch Quarter Horse Team from 1977 to 1979. A beatiful buckle representing one of California's famous ranches. Thomas Hamey's name is engraved on the buckle.


Price: $100

Marked "Eubanks "

Made in Idaho.


Price: $45


Unmarked Saddle Bags Saddle bags. A great collector item that will increase in value over the years. . They have a few old repairs but are still usable or great for display.


Price: $300

Saddle Bags

Horse Hair Quirt

This Quirt is made of stitched horsehair and was made in the Walla-Walla prison in the State of Washington. The colors are vivid and the workmanship is excellent! The time it took to make this item must have been tremendous.


Price: $850

Horse Hair Quirt

Red's Bronc Buster Belt

This is a bronc rider's kidney belt that is uniquely tooled.On the back side it has a heart with the name Red inside the heart. On one side of the heart (hard to see in the photo) is a steer head and on the other side is a horse head. The front stap buckles are old North & Judd buckles.


Price: $350

Bronc Belt

    Gold Country Skillet An old iron skillet from the same California Gold Country as pan above. This skillet has a hand forged handle with fancy loop on the end for hanging. Good for panning gold or cookin' up some vittles.


Price: $95

Iron skillet

U.S. Cavalry Headstall

Very good condition.

Inventory Item # 170

Price: $150

Cavalry Headstall


When you are riding out on the range and spot a new calf , you can build a small fire, untie this iron from your saddle and brand the calf.  This saddle iron formed into the letter "Z" and has a nice manzanita stick for a detachable handle. $200

saddle iron

Hatchet and Hunting Knife combination.

Both items are original and belong together. Both are marked "Western, made in Boulder, Colorado, USA. The items are in good condition and have not been over-sharpened or ground down.


Price: $250


Branding Irons All of theses irons are guaranteed to be authentic, old, hand forged irons. Large = 5 to 7 inch tall symbol, Medium = 3 to 5 inches

Items, T ,Spot , V  ,  L , Y

Price: $ 95 each

More Branding Irons Old, hand forged Southwest irons. These are what I call "saddle irons". They are short and can be carried on a saddle and are constructed so you can find a stick and place it in the end when you need to use it. These irons are all hand forged and show excellent workmanship.

Items, "F ", "G ", "JVC initials SOLD", "JCH initials".

Price: $ 95 each

Saddle Irons

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