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Classic Batwing Chaps These chaps are in EXCELLENT condition. They are old but very well preserved. As you can see from our "Home Page", I wear them on occasion. Mostly for show since I wouldn't want them all scratched up the way working chaps get.

Price $ 650


Classic Batwings.


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A Mother Hubbard saddle from the 1800's Some minor restoration work has been done sometime in the past as would be expected of such an old and authentic piece. The saddle is unmarked and has beautiful long tapaderos.

$ 1450

Mother Hubbard
Nolte-Olsen Silver Saddle Excellent Condition. This Saddle was made during the transition time when Al Nolte was turning the majority ownership of the business over to Mr. Olsen. The saddle is marked in several places both ways "Nolte-Olsen and Olsen -Nolte. This may have been the last saddle made under the older name. It also may be the last saddle made by Al Nolte.  He died shortly after the making of this saddle.


Also comes with Breast Collar, reins and headstall (see below) Note: Does not include the horse. She is priceless.

Silver Saddle
Nolte-Olsen Silver Saddle


This horse is 16 hands. We have received some great comments on how the rig looks on Goldie. Thanks. Silver Saddle

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Amazing, one-of-a-kind    D.E. Walker saddle.


All original including the original fleece which is in good shape. This is a Rodeo Prize "Visalia" Presentation saddle. The saddle has three horse heads with flying manes carved on each side and a steer head carved on the top of the fork on each side.

Visalia (D.E.Walker the famous maker who worked for Visalia)Maker's Marks

The “Trade Mark” on the saddle seat, behind the horn, says “Visalia Ca” and the”two marks” on the back of the cantle say Visalia Stock Saddle Company San Francisco, CA. We have tried to research the name of JTE Rasmussen and the nmber 8063 enscribed on the cantle. This saddle came from Northern California and was likely won at the Red Bluff Rodeo.