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Buermann Bronze bit with horsehead mounting.  The bit has a repair to the left cheek plate.  It is a bronze/brass weld that repaired a crack.  Does not significantly detract from value or useability.

Crockett's #410 silver overlay with silver conchos. Has some small dents in conchos.

This bit is unmarked but is very distinctive in style. The condition is excellent. All the silver is intact and of exceptional quality. This bit was used in the high desert cattle country of Northern California near the town of Alturas.


Visalia Spade Bit.  Excellent condition. Some old repairs were made around the mouthpiece. The conchas and other silver parts are in great shape with a nice patina. This bit came from the high desert cattle country around Alturas California.  The headstall with the four suits of cards in silver and conchos with silver buckles is for sale to interested parties.

Silver inlay and silver conchas. This bit, as did the one above, comes from the cattle country near Alturas CA.  It is in great condition.