If you click once on the small photos, they will enlarge for closer inspection. Click twice and they show even more detail.

Single mounted spurs marked G S GARCIA inside right spur heelband and ELKO NEV. on the left inside heelband (see marks below). These spurs were probably made after 1910 since the "N" is correct.
The spurs show some wear especially inside the heel bands. The "O" in ELKO has mostly worn off . These were in our tack room (in our horse barn) for many years and some rust and pitting has occured on the iron surfaces.


These are North & Judd's "Plains Spurs" with the two pins for the spurs straps on each side of the spur. These are not the showy kind of spurs you wear when you ride to town.  These were very common "working cowboy" spurs that were affordable and worn where no one cared about how they looked.

North & Judd Sunburst Spurs

These spurs are single mounted with exceptional engraving. The silver covers 100% of one side of the spurs including the large strap pin. The other side has the classic "star steel silver" mark with a 5 point star emblem .


Silver Mounted very old Amazoc Spurs. Click on the photo to enlarge and see the unusual design. See similar ones listed several boxes below.


Kelly Brothers' Four Heart Spurs. Also known as their No. 70 spur. 


Deer Lodge Spurs.  These spurs are attributed to being made by prisoners at the Deer Lodge Montana Prison. Rather than making the shank look like a goose neck, the maker attempted to make it look like a snake.  These double mounted spurs show the exact same engraving style used on other Deer lodge spurs as depicted in Joyce Overton's book "Cowboy Bits and Spurs". 


McChesney No. 70 spurs. Click on the image to see the beautiful detail on these great spurs. As a reference for these spurs, you can find them on page 120 of Lee C. Jacobs book "J.R. McChesney, A Lifetime, A Legacy". These spurs were probably made around the time McChesney was moving the operation to Nacona, TX. This is during the time McChesney first began making larger, heavier spurs to match Kelly and Crockett.  These are unmarked spurs and hence earlier than when they began marking McChesney spurs at the Nacona plant. 


These are heavy double mounted "Chihuahua" spurs probably made in Amazoc Mexico many years ago. These were practically indesructable and favored by many Southwest horsemen including some of the early Texas Rangers. 


Single mounted spurs. Possibly prison made.  No markings 

$ 2500

Marked "Hamley and CO, Pendleton, OR. Hamley started making their own spurs around 1910 using the following makers: (Mike Morales 1910-1914) (Manuel Delatorre 1914) (Irl W. Terry 1914-1926). Mike Morales always marked his spurs with an "M" so we guess these spurs were made by Manuel or Irl.  The silver engraving leaves a lot to be desired. Note the liberty head dimes mounted on the strap pins (one is 1913, other is 1911). Since these are the spurs I wear on the ranch, I'm not too interested in selling them so the price reflects my own personal value of these.


Crockett Bronco spurs. Single side mounted with tie-down pins. Marked "Crockett" on the bottom edge of the heel bands below the swinging strap pins. 


Buermann Hand Forged spurs. Marked below each strap pin: "PAT'D" with a star image below on one side and "HAND FORGED STEEL" below the other pin. These were Buermann's #25 spurs. The workmanship is magnificient with the tapered , beveled band, the sharp turn of the chap guard


North & Judd four pin spurs. Marked with an "anchor" symbol between the strap pins.


Crockett Renaulde parade spurs. Heavy spurs with a great rowel ring sound when worn.


Buermann straight shank spurs. Very early, late 1800's hand forged. Marked "PAT'D with Star symbol.


Silver Inlaid Chihuahua style spurs.These spurs are virtually unused. We purchased them at an estate sale many years ago. The outside of the heel band has a unique ivy-vine pattern and the inside has a slash design with 17 pieces of inlaid silver. Even the spokes on rowels have silver inlay with a fine engraving on each spoke.


Old hand forged "shop made" spurs. These spurs are large and show some hammer and file work done when being made. Even the cutting of the bronze for the rowels show slight inconsistencies not found in mass-manufacturing. One rowel point has broken off. This could be relaced. These are great old Texas spurs. Please email us if you have any feedback on who the maker may have been.


Buerman's most famous spur. The"OK" spur.  A one piece design with 4 strap pins.  This particular pair has seen a lot of use and the rowel holes are worn to huge porportions from spinning and rust.  The spurs have a great deep rust patina. This spur was patented but the mark is not visable through the wear and rust. 


Drop Shank Spurs.  (nickle spots)  These spurs are unmarked but are attributed to North & Judd.  This exact style was patented by J.W. Keyston, Jr. in 1911.   



Large single side silver overlay spurs. Elaborate custom engraving with initials "MTR" engraved one center/side band. The heavy silver overlay is extremely worn along with the engraving.  The rowels cneter holes are worn and the outer strap pin of the left spur has a weld repair.  These are single piece big spurs from a ranch in Alturas, CA.  This is high desert cattle country.  So, why do we want a considerable sum for these?? Because they are the real-deal, large, old, great cowboy spurs that ring loud when you wear them when riding. We love em! 


Early Vaquero style spurs, chased hand forged iron with jingle bobs.


Kelly Cutting Horse spurs. The front of the heelband is rounded to prevent binding on your boot. The spurs have a thin, lightweight heel band that is 1 1/4 inches longer to give a snug fit. Hence, the need to round the front bottom of the band. These spurs are plated and have plain finish.


Star Steel Silver bronc spurs.  These spurs are marked "Star Steel Silver" followed by a "star" stamp. This metal alloy was patented by Buermann and later used by North and Judd after they purchased Buermann. It was also called "gun metal" by Buermann. These bronc spurs are chased on one side . Look close on the enlarged photo when you click on the small photo here on the left.


Early California Vaquero style spurs. Silver mounted with an unusual twist patter on the jingle bobs.

Item reference: 1903cavspurs
U.S. Cavalry spurs.  Marked R.I.A. 1903.  These bronze "U.S. Regulation Cavalry Spurs" were made by August Buermann.  These Officer's Spurs are listed in the Buermann catalog as No. 1229. 100% perfect shape.  These spurs are the finest quality cavalry spurs we have ever had and they are truly museum quality.



Note that the marks are "cast" into the bronze not stamped

Detail marking for above set of spurs of the Rock Island Arsenal mark and date stamp on these very rare 1903 officer spurs.


Les Garcia spurs. (son of G.S. Garcia) In Joyce Overton's 1997 book, "Cowboy Bits and Spurs,where these exact spurs are shown on pg. 91, which states that these spurs are Les Garcia spurs. After leaving Elko Nevada, Les and Henry Garcia opened the Garcia Saddlery Company in Salinas, California around 1938. At was during the following era that GARCIA spurs were attributed to Les. They are marked "GARCIA" on the inside of each heelband.

We will consider offers on these fine spurs.

"DANDY" spurs. These famous spurs are unmarked, show some wear and a little damage. We have shown both mounted sides of the spurs so you can see that a piece of silver on the tip of one of the chap quards is missing. We have not polished or cleaned these spurs but they would be really great if polished. We have not attributed a maker for these spurs as we are not experts on engravers but the workmanship is worthy of whomever the "master" was. If you can identify the maker, please email us your opinion.  See Page 77 of Joyce Overton's book "Cowboy Bits and Spurs".


Custom made Bull Rider spurs. These spurs have three overlay pieces of silver plated brass.  The overlays are custom engraved with a "D" an "A" and a "T". These spurs are in great mechanical shape with hair-puller rowels.


Crockett Parade Spurs. These are the most desired Crockett spurs available. Even Ed Bolelin bought blanks of these from crockett to apply his own silver and custom engravings for the Hollywood crowd. These particular spurs are in absolute mint condition.  Joyce Overton's Book references these spurs on page 100.


Crockett  Bronco spurs. Marked "CROCKETT" on the bottom edge of the heal band.

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